About Us

What makes our DJs so great?


Mike was our DJ on 09/02/16 who truly made our day flawless. He attended our rehearsal because he was playing the ceremony music; in addition to, he basically did all of the timing as far as when to walk and where to stand.


Here at The Best DJs, we run on four main creeds:


Everything we do is about creating fun. You like fun, we like fun;  it’s safe to say there are few people who don’t enjoy fun. We’re fun people who like to do fun things. It’s really that simple. Don’t be surprised by a flying beach ball or two at our events.

We don’t take things too seriously, so feel free to ask for any requests or announcements to make throughout the night! Try not to be too surprised if you see your boss doing The Cupid Shuffle, either.


We know how to have fun, but we also take our craft very seriously. When you book one of our events, or even put in a request for more info, you will be contacted by one of our DJs personally to begin planning your event. Throughout the process, we will gladly meet you in-person to discuss any specific details such as song selection, lighting mood, and how many speakers we need to bring. The show belongs to you.

While we do this to create a great time for (and with) you, professionalism is always at the forefront. We are insured for any accidents that may occur at any of our events, so you won’t be held liable when your neighbor Mildred knocks back seven Vodka Tonics and tries to stage dive.

Music Focused

You know, we may not have emphasized this before, but the music is really why we do what we do. All of our DJs are classically-trained musicians, so we understand the ins-and-outs of any genre you’d like and creating an environment with our song selection. We understand and appreciate the huge variety of music genres that work, and apply that knowledge into our performances. We aren’t just here to push buttons and dance around; we’re here to share our craft with you.


Our goal is to make the entire process easy and fun for you. We strive to be as responsive and open with every factor regarding your event. We will be on hand for every step of the planning process, and on the day of the event we’ll be there with music and lights running on time. If for some reason everything isn’t up and running by the time your event is supposed to start, the lighting will be on us.


No hassle. No frustrations. Just party.