DJ Services


Professional Party Rockers? You got it.

The DJs on our roster have decades of experience rocking nightclubs, creating lifelong memories at weddings, and making your significant other’s 40th birthday the only one that ever mattered. The professional services we offer have accomodated clients across the entire United States (and Puerto Rico!) and we can’t wait to show you what we can offer you.

When you contact us or book one of our services, we will send you a perfectly crafted and time-tested questionnaire that helps us find out what kind of vibe you’re feeling for your next event, I mean, party. This tells us what kind of music to pack, and how many speakers to stack. Of course, we would be more than obliged to meet at your favorite bar or coffee shop, too.

Personalized events are our number one priority, and it is our goal to make your party unforgettable. We can make each event special, just check out the types of events we offer here.

Lighting Services

High quality up-lighting and effect lighting


You know how you went to your high school reunion and the only kind of lights they had was a little strobe light in the corner, and the same disco ball spinning in the center of the floor that was there since you graduated?

Yeah we hate that too.

Our lighting team isn’t just a bunch of guys who have a high credit limit. We have college-educated designers and interior decoraters who work passionately in their field of study. But don’t take our word for it.


Your event is important to us, as important it is to you. During our initial conversation on planning the musical and lighting theme, we will be as detailed as possible with you on how to create the perfect event. Throughout this, we will quickly provide you with:

  • A checklist of to-do’s for things we need to work together on
  • Contracts
  • Schedule a face-to-face or Skype meeting before the day of event
  • Create a comprehensive timeline for the event. We’ll even contact the other vendors to get their specifics so we can have one master timeline for your day
  • Provide our Important Questions document which covers all the details you can imagine for your event day
    • This includes a “do” and “do not” play list for music
  • A personal assistant for the day of the event (if event is over 100 guests)
  • Countless other The Best DJs planning services that have pleased other customers for years!

Need an even more level of detailed planning for your event, and don’t know where to start? Consider adding a “Personal Assistant” to any of our packages or even by itself!