Custom Snapchat Filter

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Add another level of entertainment for your guests with one of the most popular trends right, custom snapchat filters!

A custom snapchat filter is a custom graphic that we create that is specific to your event, and only seen by people at your event space, during that date and time. With this filter, we can create any custom text or graphics that you’d like, so your guests can share all the fun they’re having.



Custom filters are ideal for:


We know weddings aren’t cheap. Let family and friends show off your incredible wedding with a custom filter for Snapchat tailored to the bride and groom.

Private Events

Whether it’s a cookout, sweet sixteen, or New Year’s Eve extravaganza, we’ll design a filter that aligns with your party theme so guests can share the good times.

Sporting Events & Proms


When you add a custom Snapchat filter to any of our packages, or even to buy as a standalone item, you will receive the following level of awesome that you would expect from The Best DJs:

  • Custom style text with effects (Full Color)
  • Complex Illustration suited to your theme
  • PNG Download & Source File Included
  • Delivery in 1-3 Days
  • 5 Revisions
  • Guided support for submission process


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